Rather than keynote speeches Mark specializes in interviews and facilitating conversations with your audiences.

For marketing: When you feature your clients, potential clients and marketing partners at events and in your online content you create meaningful, profitable relationships faster and they become more than “connections”. They become ambassadors for your organization.

For internal use: Bringing your team together to focus on solving problems and creating opportunities brings them closer together and your company benefits from getting new results.

When you build and foster meaningful relationships with your team and your network your business can thrive.

The events and content can be added to an existing marketing program or can be the center of a new, customized marketing strategy.

ONE80 Event Examples


No PowerPoint, no 45-minute-speeches. These are interactive events with the audience participating throughout the entire event.


When you want more intimate events these are what you’re looking for. Stand alone events are designed for individual or multiple groups of 4-8 people sharing advice, support and connections for problems they bring to the table. These can also serve as breakout events for conferences. The groups can also meet virtually using a video conferencing service.

Examples of past events:

Example 1: Group Mentoring with Mark Carter

Example 2: Bagels & Coffee: Not Another Pitch Session 


A REAL break from the “usual events”. These blend improv exercises with fireside chats. People are on their feet learning throughout the event. Instead of just “fun improv actvities” EVERY activity’s application in business is clearly explained. Everyone leaves with strategies to start using the same day.

ONE80 Content Examples


8 Unedited Minutes™ interviews are just that: Real, unedited conversations with experts about niche industry problems and solutions.


Real, unedited conversations with experts across the globe.


Instead of recording for two hours and then editing down the content these are improvised conversations, no scripts and no canned questions.

“Mark Carter facilitates a Master Mind group and I am a member of the group. The way Carter has structured the group has led to me projecting my business to sell within 5 years at 3 times the original projections, it has led to me getting connected to potential buyers, and helped me discover a funding opportunity to scale my business that I would have never found without the structure of the group.
This is a highly valuable offer and a terrific investment.”

~Diana Geairn

Principal Co-Founder of TradeShow Makeover

“Mark did an excellent job of facilitating a “fireside chat” format event for us at the Illinois chapter of the National Speakers Association in May of 2019. He had a good command of the room, and had excellent instincts as to audience control vs. prepared questions of his own.
Mark serves as a marketing co-chair with us at National Speakers Association of Illinois, and has proven to be very valuable to us as a contributor to our mission”

~Bill Guertin

Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Inspiration Sports Business Institute; CEO at Stadium Gorilla Sales Training and President of the National Speakers Association of Illinois

“Mark’s ability to bring people together and facilitate productive, open communication cannot be under estimated.
He exudes confidence but in a calming way which makes the process stress free and uber-productive.
When Mark is facilitating a panel, mastermind group, interview, podcast or face to face conversation things “simply” f