When the pandemic hit I was in the meetings and events industry. I had to pivot. My big idea was to rebrand myself from “the events guy” to “the Idea Climbing™ consultant”.

I initiated a new marketing strategy based on a few of the eight pillars of Idea Climbing™. It worked so well that I had to stop marketing from time to time to follow through with the meetings that I was setting up. If we decide that you’re a good fit I can show you how to get similar results whether you’re pivoting or you want to increase marketing outreach for your current offering.

When all eight Idea Climbing™ pillars are combined into a cohesive strategy your “big idea” will come to life.

Serving entrepreneurs, privately held companies and thought leaders with Idea Climbing™ blueprint projects that will create results for YOU!

Making Sense Out Of Confusion

If you’re pivoting your business and you’re not sure what to do next, you’re launching a new service offering or maybe overhauling your marketing initiatives Idea Climbing™ projects can help.

Instead of “coaching” sessions you’ll get a customized blueprint designed just for you. Each one is based on 22 years of interviews and researching successful people and companies.

Making big shifts like those can involve a lot  of confusion about what to do next. Idea Climbing™ blueprints will give you a method to your madness and eliminate the confusion and guesswork.

Do you know someone with experience to share who would give a GREAT interview?

Suggest A Friend To Be Interviewed & Share Some Genius!

When you provide value you build trust.
Your audiences will come back, tell their friends and grow themselves.

My team and I take care of the guesswork and strategy.
You get the relationships & results.