Bagels & Coffee:
Not Another Pitch Session

Presented by Coalition: Fund, Smart Grid Cluster & Energy Foundry

This will be an interactive session to help you create amazing conversations and connections, solve problems and create opportunities for your business.

We’ll kickoff the conversation by interviewing Jeremy Adelman of Energy Foundry about the importance of fostering community by building pivotal business relationships. This includes tips about connecting deeper with the people you see every day and might not have had the chance to get to know yet and reaching out to other people in your network that you would like to build stronger relationships with. Mark J. Carter will be the facilitator.

What does this event look like?

  • Everyone will get to share one challenge they’re facing and ask the group for direct help and connections to people that might be able to help.
  • It’s not about “pitching your company”. It’s about finding collaboration partners, mentors and people to help you solve a pressing problem you’re facing right now.

No PowerPoint presentations, no lectures. Just lots of discussion and facilitated interactions. Coalition: Energy is all about connections and community. And that’s exactly what we’re going to create for you at this event.


Jeremy Adelman

As Vice President of Energy Foundry, Jeremy is active in all phases of the venture investment process and leads the firm’s strategy for building Chicago’s energy innovation ecosystem. He co-founded Coalition:Energy, one of the country’s first energy focused co-working spaces. He also manages the Smart Grid Cluster, an energy-tech startup acceleration platform for promoting regional growth and economic development—recognized by U.S. Small Business Administration Head, Maria Contreras-Sweet, as an “inspiration to the entrepreneurial sprit of the Nation.”


Mark Carter

Mark believes mentoring is crucial to our professional lives; yet it’s an ambiguous process that can leave people confused rather than inspired. Through 15+ years of building professional events and interviewing successful people he created Idea Climbing™; a body of work that demystifies mentoring and helps people solve problems they’re facing right now through collaboration and storytelling.

**Due to limited capacity, this event is open to startups only.


This event was created for the a niche energy startup incubator that wanted more intimate events for its members and needed to give them the skills to create mentoring experiences.

If they could create more valuable relationships with fellow members they would remain members longer and invite their friends to become members.


The Vice President of the organization attended to lend his insights and genius to the conversation.

Because this was a members only event Jeremy had the unique perspective of working with many, many members since it’s founding.


What could have been another boring breakfast meeting turned into an energy filled conversation.

Everyone left with connections and strategies that they could start applying the same day to create opportunities to solve the problem they brought with them.

In addition to the problem solving many smiles and laughs were had by all.