Group Mentoring with Mark Carter

If you’d like to create more mentoring relationships AND connect with your peers and make valuable business connections this session is for you. This is a 60 minute roundtable/mastermind group format “group mentoring session”.

TOPICS COVERED: Creating more mentoring experiences, building advisory boards and marketing 

We’ll discuss how you can create successful mentoring and marketing opportunities for yourself and the people you work with. We’ll create a foundation to start working with (called Idea Climbing™) and then create connections to mentoring opportunities.

This mastermind group is about you.

  • You’ll learn what mentoring ISN’T to save valuable time most people spend looking in the wrong places and asking the wrong people.
  • You’ll bring a challenge you’re facing and have a group of people ready to offer advice and help out.
  • We’ll figure out TOGETHER how to find solutions for you through peer collaboration and making connections to potential mentors.

This means you create immediate action and opportunities for results.

This session is limited to 8 PEOPLE to be sure EVERYONE gets to share their challenges and get advice, support and connections to solve the problem they’re facing.


Mark J. Carter believes mentoring is one of the most needed things in our professional lives; yet it’s an ambiguous process that can leave people confused rather than inspired. Because of this he has been on a 15+ year journey to demystify mentoring and created Idea Climbing™; a methodology that gives you clear strategies to get the advice, support and connections you need to solve problems.

This is based on interviews with thousands of amazing people from serial entrepreneurs and CEOs to NY Times Bestselling authors and multi-platinum musicians.



This event was created for the an organization that wanted its members to interact more and build closer relationships. The event was a unique offering open only to members as added value for their memberships.

If they could create more valuable relationships with fellow members they would remain members longer and invite their friends to become members.


Mark brought his unique skills as a facilitator with 15+ years experience creating mentoring relationships.

Instead of random “ice breakers” and conversations about sports or general business topics everyone focused on creating mentorship experiences to help them solve an immediate, pressing problem they were facing.


Eight people met for breakfast brainstorming and everyone in the room left with a connection to a fellow attendee or a possible introduction from a fellow attendee to someone who could mentor them.

In addition to the problem solving many smiles and laughs were had by all.