Creating Meaningful Marketing Experiences:
A Fireside Chat With The C-Suite

Join Mike Brennan, COO of the wildly successful brand PeaPod (live in the room) and Jon Ferrara, the creator of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and CEO of (live via video) for an intimate, interactive conversation.  They’ll talk about the challenges marketers face with bridging the generation gap, reaching the right audiences and why operations and marketing face communication gaps and how to close them. This is an opportunity for you to hear how the heart of the business and the mouth of the business need to work together to build successful results.

Bring your biggest marketing challenge and learn from decades of experience from two industry leaders at one event.

This is an INTERACTIVE event; NOT a canned presentation!  You’ll be engaged in the conversation from the start.  You will be able to ask questions, present challenges and we’ll create answers and opportunities to collaborate.  (The moderator for the event will be Mark J. Carter)

(This event is limited to 35 people)

Some of the topics we’ll be discussing include how to:

  • Discover the biggest problems your clients and potential clients are facing and solve it.
  • Create a strategy to fulfill your brand’s promise with customer experiences they can’t wait to share.
  • Build and work with cross generational teams and bridge the generation gap with your marketing.
  • Create and enhance face to face interactions and personal connections with your social media marketing.

We’ll also creating mentoring opportunities for i.c.stars* (Since 2000 i.c.stars has  been jump starting careeers of inner-city adults and developing community leaders through technical training.  Now they’re launching an intiative for their students to learn more about the marketing world.  The content and conversations in the room and with participants afterwards will help them with real life lessons in marketing).


This event is for marketing and branding professionals, agency people, founders of marketing and branding companies and people working on marketing projects in their careers that want to learn from and connect with peers!


Dress code is business, business casual or casual – whatever you wear at work.

We will be providing a great snack bar and non-alcoholic beverages.



This event was created for the venue because the wanted to attract more marketing professionals. Instead of a social meet and greet or having a presenter talk AT people for 45 minutes we created a fireside chat event.

We polled marketing professionals and discovered they were facing the challenge of the marketing department understanding and working with the operations department.


We connected with the COO of an online company that had decades of experience successfully blending marketing and operations. We needed an expert in social selling to balance out the operations expert.

Rather than adding trouble by figuring out when he could fly in, we “beamed in” Jon Ferrara, the creator of Customer Relationship Management. He appeared on a 50 inch TV screen that was on a stand so he could “sit next to us” during the conversation.


The topics and discussions were driven by the audience. They brought a problem they were facing and got to ask two VERY experienced professionals what they’ve done in the past and what ideas they had for solutions to the audiences’ problems.

In addition to the problem solving many smiles and laughs were had by all.