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mentoring-quotes-mark-j-carterYou’ve probably heard the term “mentoring”” before.  Unfortunately defining exactly what it means can be tough…

In the past mentoring has meant a lot of things.  But is it coaching?  Consulting?  Advising?  Just talking?  A grey haired expert giving advice to the next generation?

Kind of.  But not really.  SO…


After starting his own business 2 weeks before graduating college Carter immediately sought out and worked with mentors.  Over the last 15 years Carter has been fortunate enough to have amazing mentors in every area of his professional life.  During the last two years he “cracked the code” so to speak and developed a new way to look at and undertake mentoring and now he’s bringing mentoring to you.


If you’ve ever been involved with a project, had a job or started a business that failed you probably know that the reason for failure in business is lack of support, advice and connections.  Think of your experiences.

Now ask yourself: What if someone would have stepped in to help solve a problem for you.  What if someone had the resources to create an opportunity you needed at the time?  What would have changed?

People, companies and organizations are in the middle of experiencing setbacks right now – this isn’t hindsight as you just thought about. College students are graduating missing key networking skills and connections.  Nonprofits are failing due to lack of strategic advice.  Small businesses struggle from lack of funding and the direction experts could provide.  The traditional corporate ladder is crumbling; the generation gap is growing and the guidance isn’t there. Communities as a whole lack leadership to join together to solve problems.

Consider what would happen if people offered solutions.  Now.

What you’re thinking about right now is mentoring, done the right way.  IF you have the right relationships, community of people to support you and a framework to work within (it’s not meeting someone for coffee and getting the keys to the universe).  With those your past failures would have been different and your future ones might not happen.

That’s what we provide for you.  For your company.  For our communities.

Each program is customized and involves both offline events and online initiatives and content creation, content strategy and content marketing.  The number of events and amount of content (blog posts, articles, videos and audio) depend on your program.


This mentoring program provides you with the opportunity to create change in your community through programs involving colleges, professional groups and other organizations that need your help.  Important note – this means a LOT more than “fuzzy feelings”.

  • Internal training: Your employees, members and staff build relationships and sharpen their leadership skills every time they work with people in a mentoring program.
  • External PR and cause marketing: When you change your community and take action people notice – this includes news outlets, bloggers and other media sources both online and offline.
  • Business development and marketing: When the media, your networks and your communities are talking about you more people will be aware of you.  Which leads to business growth.

How does this work for the mentees, mentors and you?  What is “Mentoring”?  Mentoring in the ONE80 framework is simply:

As a mentor – providing the

  • Advice
  • Support and/or
  • Connections

That mentees need (this could be one on one or to a group of hundreds online) to

  • Solve the problems they present you with and
  • Create opportunities that they ask for.

Those are the guidelines for the program; as a mentor you won’t have to 1) guess what to say or 2) how to help.  As a mentee you’ll know exactly 1) how to ask for help and 2) what to ask for to get help.


We’re engaging community leaders, experts and advisors on all levels through events, video interviews and online content.  You’ll have the opportunity to access this knowledge and expand your network by engaging in this project in two ways 1) sharing the content (live events and recorded) with your communities or if you choose to gain leverage 2) becoming part of our mission by holding events and marketing campaigns featuring the experts you trust most.



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