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Idea Climbing™ is the result of my 21 year, active case study about mentoring and collaboration. I’ve had hundreds of formal interviews with people of all walks of life from CEO’s and best selling business authors to multi-platinum musicians and successful improvisors and everyone in between. This means that I draw on a wealth of experiences to make your projects a success.

Idea Climbing™ is the process of solving problems by co-creating opportunities with other people. It starts with an idea that you want to bring to fruition. Then you connect and collaborate with people who can help with advice, support and connections to get you where you need to go.

You combine ideas, take action together and then reach a new plateau and new ideas. The process repeats and everyone involved can “climb” higher together than any single person could alone.


What does Idea Climbing™ Do For You & Your Organization?

Idea Climbing™ gives you a methodology and system to use in the following areas:

Mentoring Programs: Instead of randomly matching people and expecting them to get results without support everyone involved has strategy & structure to create measurable results.

Events: You need more than 100 random people in a bar to have a successful event. Idea Climbing™ gives your events a structure featuring interviews and audience interaction that guarantees audience participation and results for everyone after they leave the event.

Interview Content: You can’t just turn on a camera and go through a list of questions and automatically have a great interview. Mark’s Idea Climbing™ interview format creates fun, focused conversations that provide actionable ideas for viewers and listeners.

Strategic Planning Sessions: Instead of a “retreat” where you end up with a lot of ideas on Post It notes on a wall, we’ll get strategic. By working within the Idea Climbing™ framework you leave the full day session with a detailed strategy and specific action items to take during the next quarter to the next four quarters.

The Three Components Of Idea Climbing


This is EXPERIENTIAL advice, not opinions, not being told what to do.

It’s sharing stories about how someone else solved a problem similar to yours to give you ideas for solutions and vice versa.


This is more than just a pat on the back or saying “good job”.

Support is a validation of your ideas and letting you know that you’re on the right track OR letting you know that you might be moving in the wrong direction and giving you support to change your direction.


Business is all about who you know and who knows YOU. Idea Climbing™ is all about who you can help and who can help you.

New connections are the key to new ideas and combinations of ideas that help you climb higher than you ever could alone.

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