Finding mentors can be difficult, in this interview we discuss how to overcome mentoring roadblocks. You’ll learn how to seek out and find mentors in your industry that can help your business grow.

The first half of the video focuses on the challenges associated with NOT having a mentor and then we focus on the solutions.

A few things that we discuss include:

How to put yourself out there when searching for a mentor, how to let go of your ego and NOT act like you know everything, how to recognize mentors when they show up and more.

You’ll learn about the role of vulnerability in mentoring relationships and why you need to ask the RIGHT questions in mentoring meetings – with an example of a great question given in the video interview.


About the guest:

Mark Nureddine is the Founder and CEO of Bull Outdoor Products (

About the sponsor:

Culinary Fight Club ( brings you the passion of a high-energy kitchen and the thrill of a timed cooking competition.

About the interviewer:

Mark J. Carter is the creator of Idea Climbing™ and 8 Unedited Minutes™ and has been interviewing people on video since 2012.