Events at 1871

The world’s #1 tech incubator. They have multiple events each week during the evening and members-only events during the day.



Built In Chicago

A Community Of 106,654 Local Techies.

A GREAT site to find a variety of events and organizations in the entrepreneur/tech space in Chicago:




An excellent organization, they’re a high-level accelerator that has over 700 applicants each year and only 10 get into the program.

They have events that anyone can attend throughout the year including showcases featuring the current class of 10 for the year and pitch competitions to learn from


TechStars, Chicago

Video: “What Is Techstars?


Founder Institute 

An example of an Accelerator program for startups that are (usually) JUST getting going. They have a basic plan and an idea, they need help making it go live:

Founder Institute, Chicago Chapter

Video: “What is The Founder Institute?”

They have networking events that anyone can attend throughout the year.

For pitch decks/pitching:

This is an interesting breakdown of some famous pitch decks:


Here’s some TechStars blog posts about pitch decks.


Article: “A Few Pointers on the Worst Ways to Write A Pitch Deck” It has a lot of links in the article also