The inbox: A morning routine to kick off your day. Sift through, add to to-do lists and get your schedule set up for a successful day. While not every email is good news (hey, biz happens) there are a LOT more interesting emails you could be reading.

That are already sitting in your inbox.


What thoughts run through your head when you open your inbox each morning? Think about that for a minute – the good, the bad and the ugly (along with the great). Do the emails you read set the tone for your mood in the morning (and your day).


Every email doesn’t have to go onto a check list or just be answered to “get it off your plate”. Let’s look at another way to start your day and set a productive, happy and possible grateful tone to your morning and your day.


I write this on a Post It Note and stick it on my laptop above the keyboard each night so it’s the first thing I see in the morning when I open my computer:

“What Opportunities Are In Your Inbox This Morning?”

Just thinking about “opportunities” instead of “tasks” shifts my focus. A LOT. Regardless of what comes in, there’s always something (slightly hidden at times) there to do to create forward momentum for myself and another person.

Think about projects you’re working on (and would like to be working on). Think about people that have helped you in the past. Think about that next connection that could move your business life forward (AND that connection you could make for someone else to move THEIR business life forward).

In short: Put opportunities to connect or reconnect with great people at the top of your mind when you’re sifting through emails in the morning.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Someone mentioning a project they’re working on that you could help with: Then offer to help them with advice, support or connections for that project.
  • Someone emailing you for immediate business reasons that has helped you in the past: Then send a simple “Thank you!” for the help and remind them of what they did.
  • Someone mentioning a challenge they’re facing in business: Then suggest a book that might help them (and send a link to the book).
    You get the idea.

Rather than focus on what you need to DO take five minutes and focus on creating an opportunity to HELP.

What opportunity will YOU create TODAY?