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Create A Gratitude Campaign For Your Mentors

Written on January 23rd, 2015 by in Uncategorized

gratitude effect

If you’ve ever had a mentoring experience (whether it was a single conversation that helped you solve a problem or an ongoing relationship that changed your life) you understand the pivotal power of mentoring. Most of us are searching for help in some way and that is what many people consider the mentoring journey to be: ...

A Tip For National Mentoring Month: Just ASK!

Written on January 7th, 2015 by in Uncategorized

just ask mentoring

Many people LOVE the concept of mentoring. Not many people understand HOW to create mentoring relationships or what they are. It’s a grey area. Is it having coffee once a month to share life experiences? Is it the wise elder imparting decades of knowledge to the young up-and-comer? Think about it. What questions do YOU have ...

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