Podcasting has been around for well over a decade YET it seems to be just now catching on. Many people think of podcasts as a revenue source by getting ad money OR advertising on podcasts as part of their marketing strategy. There is another, more powerful way to leverage podcasts to create marketing ROI.

Create your own podcast for marketing purposes.

Why Podcasting?

According to Forbes:

“The appeal is undeniable, and the trend is well on its way…

Podcasting networks offer higher visibility, cross-promotional power, amplification, access to top-tier advertisers and more to podcasters.”


Podcasting allows you to speak DIRECTLY to your audience and gives you the opportunity to provide value instead of just another sales pitch. You can create a branded podcast that offers unique perspectives on your industry, tips and tricks that your clients and potential clients can use to solve problems and more.

The REAL Power Of Podcasting

…is GUESTS! Invite your BEST clients and potential clients to be guests on your podcast and share some genius with your audience. When you promote the people in your audience you’re building trust and giving them the opportunity to market themselves. When you do things like that they come back, tell their friends about you and grow your business FOR you.

Another great thing about guests? You don’t have to come up with new content for each podcast. The interview creates the content. This saves your valuable time AND builds stronger relationships. It’s a win-win scenario.

Don’t Build On Rented Land

There’s another HUGE bonus to podcasting: YOU own the content. It’s hosted by you. If iTunes went down tomorrow your clients and potential clients would still be able to find your podcast on other services and/or your website.

That means you can’t have your investment ripped out from under you when Facebook or Google changes their algorithm.

That means you’re in control of your investment.

Your Investment Is Low

You can get microphones for about $100 a piece and editing software for less than most marketing budgets set aside for ads on social media. You can create a podcast in a time frame that allows you to lower the time spent editing. You don’t need a 90-minute podcast. A half hour works great. Time is also saved by focusing on guests, as mentioned, so you won’t need to spend hours mapping out content for a content calendar. Just pick a subject and the guest takes care of the rest.

Branded Content Is King

At the end of the day the three benefits above give you what the marketing gurus and books talk about: A STRONG brand that provides value for your audience while keeping your company relevant. When your trust levels build your marketing ROI goes further.

And you can have some fun, interesting conversations along the way.